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All In One Building Services Ltd

Selling or buying property is one of the biggest investments you can make, so the security of having a professional property condition inspection and report is recommended by lawyers, banks, real estate agents and most lending institutions.

All in one Building Services provides a comprehensive report in an easy to understand format to help identify any maintenance or repair defects along with helpful suggestions to improve and enhance the property.

Our service includes:- viewing of Council records to check if unauthorized works have taken place, non-invasive inspection of all accessible areas of the building fabric and internal reporting of any fixtures and fittings defects. Moisture reading testing of all suspect areas for leaks and water penetration is carried out.

Stephen Hanshaw
Managing Director

PO Box 1988
M: 027 204 1700
P: 07 377 1050

About Us

Stephen Hanshaw
Managing Director

I understand the construction industry. I know that, like any other, this industry has its own lingo.

For many people, the experience of purchase, building, renovating or managing property is challenging, time-consuming and stressful, when the results are not those expected, it can also be disappointing and costly.

building, renovating or managing property

All In One Building Services is here to help.

As an independent professional with years of experience in inspection and construction in the private and commercial sectors, both in New Zealand and abroad, I understand the building and construction process at every level. All In One brings to you an extensive knowledge of.

  • property inspection
  • planning
  • concept design
  • building science
  • surveying
  • construction processes
  • budgeting
  • contract management
  • procurement, outsourcing and supplier management
  • site safety
  • building compliance
  • maintenance and renewal programmes
  • structural surveys
  • technical reports
  • relevant legislation
  • sustainable building methods
  • health and safety requirements
  • product ranges and availability.

When starting property projects teamwork. Is require, All In One is the interface between you – the owner – and the design and construction professionals involved in your project. You will be fully informed, consulted and involved at every stage, so that you are comfortable and satisfied not only with the result but also with the process.



All In One Building Services.

offers peace of mind when purchasing your new home or investment property.

Pre Purchase inspection, a range of inspections to suit your needs and budget from verbal to full written reports of you prospective property purchase.

Pre-sale inspection, to speed and assist in identifying any problems that could delay the sale process, special discounted re inspection report rates to perspective purchasers if required

Individual quotations provided starting from $630.00 plus GST. for a written report.



All In One Building Services, making sense of your building project, giving shape to your vision

All In One will work with you from the first step, before anything is on paper, talking though your concepts and turning your ideas into a full workable design brief. The success of your building or renovation project will reflect the time and thought put in at this early stage.

All In One can help you to:

  • understand the possibilities of your site
  • work through project management options
  • select skilled and experienced professionals
  • get a feel for the variety of materials on the market
  • make sense of energy efficiency and sustainability
  • understand the legalities of the building process
  • create a tight design brief which reflects your needs and ideas
  • outline a preliminary projected time line for your project
  • gain the knowledge and confidence to approach an architect and builder.

All In One will work with you to define and understand your project fully, so that when you open the door on your new home or office, your business refit or domestic renovation, the reality will be just as you imagined.


All In One Building Services, alongside, ensuring that what you want is what you get

All In One understands the importance of a well-managed building process. Your project involves dozens of people, from the architect to the builder, the suppliers to the subcontractors, the building inspectors to the interior designer. All In One is experienced in managing communication between these professionals, ensuring smooth and timely results at each stage of your project.

As your project manager, and in line with the Building Act, the Building Regulations and the New Zealand Building Code, All In One will

  • work with you through the full process, within agreed time frames
  • make sure that the design brief is complete and clear
  • liaise with the architect and builder
  • liaise with all subcontractors
  • provide on-site supervision
  • provide quality control
  • monitor and advise on budget
  • make sure that you are getting what you expect
  • keep you informed through every step of the process
  • provide you with peace of mind.

From the turning of the first turf to completion, All In One will manage your project in a way that minimizes stress and ensures your satisfaction. Your finished product will reflect your vision and the best of each trades skill and expertise.


All In One Building Services - providing quality workmanship and robust advice

Through in-depth knowledge and understanding of the construction industry, All In One can advise you on the best way to achieve your maintenance and alteration goals – who to approach, how to budget, what to consider, and how long to allow for each project.

All In One can carry out maintenance and alteration projects or can arrange to have these completed by the appropriate licensed tradespeople.


All In One Building Services, maintaining the value of your investment.

Managing property to maximize value requires forward planning. Every component of a building has a life expectancy, and the quality of every component contributes to the value of the whole.

All In One will work with you to protect your property investment. Through detailed surveys and feature-specific reports, All In One provides plans for budgeting, maintenance and renewal. Work towards a solid return on your property by planning ahead and taking care of the future year by year.


All In One Building Services, making sense of your legal requirements.

The owners of commercial, industrial, educational and all other public buildings have particular responsibilities under the Building Act. All In One maintains in-depth knowledge of the legislation and rules, which impact on property owners, and can provide up-to-date advice to ensure that requirements are met. Alternatively, All In One will manage the entire compliance schedule process, which might include

  • arranging timely inspections of building systems and features (such as air conditioning, fire alarms, egress, lifts and automatic doors) by the appropriate independent qualified persons (IQPs)/licensed building practitioners (LBPs)
  • facilitating testing and maintenance of building systems and features
  • liaising with the relevant territorial authority
  • ensuring that the timeframes set by the territorial authority are met working alongside the building owner to achieve annual building warrants of fitness (BWOFs) for all building systems, for presentation to the territorial authority.

In this facilitation role, All In One will make sure that all necessary documentation is current and in place, leaving the building owner free to focus on the commercial purpose of the property.


Contract Rates

The complexities and types of projects can vary and as a result, the contract rates for All in One fluctuate. All in One’s involvement in a project can span from advice through to full project management.

Therefore, each project is assessed in consultation with the client but as a guide an hourly rate of between $85 to $110 plus GST per hour or a percentage of the project cost can be negotiated, e.g. 7% - 10%.

There are also additional charges for materials, disbursements, subcontractors, other professionals, out of town mileage, etc.

Before any project is commenced, both parties agree to the charges by signing a short form agreement.


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Question And Answers

What will the property inspection report give me?

A property inspection report is a non-invasive visual report to New Zealand residential standard NZ28 4306: 2005. It will detail things such as the visual condition of the foundations/piles, the roof and guttering, any defects such as cracks in the cladding, the quality of insulation, and any detected moisture – all the things you would like to know to make a purchase or sale possible.

Will the report tell me what I should do with the property?

No – we will give you written details of our visual inspection of the property. We can provide further information of any defect detected and we can advise you about any specialist you may need to investigate any issues.

What do I do if the report shows problems with the property?

All in one building services will provide you with a detailed report so that you can make an informed choice, but the decision is yours. We can make sure you talk to the appropriate specialist if necessary.

How will I know how much it will cost to put things right?

All in one building services can advise you of some of the potential costs or we will put you in touch with a specialist who can.

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Stephen Hanshaw

Managing Director

PO Box 1988


M: 027 204 1700

P: 07 377 1050

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